The Avalon Farms Apiary

I just added 2 new hives to my small apiary.  I got these nucs from my good friend Eric Grandon of Sugar Bottom Farms and they are top notch.  Eric is a veteran owned apiary and teacher.  We took out initial bee training together a few years ago in the Veterans to Agriculture Program and he has done very well producing top quality bees

As I left my farm when called to active duty a few years ago, my apiary suffered from my neglect and even lost my hives twice.  In restoring Avalon Farms back into production, I ordered nucs from Eric to rebuild my own apiary.  Then, low and behold, I found 2 colonies had reoccupied my existing hives and are doing very well in their own right.

So now I have increased to 4 hives and hope to double that soon if I can keep up effective management.  Of course I have a lot of other projects to catch up on in trying to restore Avalon Farms to production.  Thanks to Eric Grandon for being a part of this restoration.

Installing the new hives
The new hives